The most important relationship you can have is with yourself and how yourself is part of the all (God-dog). It took me a long time to realize this in practice, in real life. Theories are easy, real life is not. Usually, some particularily mean rock has to fall on your head. Eventually, everybody gets a real mean rock. You know what I am saying; cancer, your husband has another lover, your child is sick. I can only journey with you as far as I myself have been, because of my age, I have seen quite a few realities. At the same time, I know yours is unique and I respect that. If you are in pain, call me.

Give yourself a chance. My therapist said the best investment you will ever make is in yourself. It has proven to be true.

Self esteem is not a feeling; it's a decision. I would say that many men have self esteem just by being men. For a woman, it's a little tricky. We are raised and also biologically prone to be nurturing and loving to others. This is our nature, but wouldn't you love to be nurturing and loving to youself; to value your femininity and creativity and not just value your sex appeal to men.

There is the inner power and the outer power. I believe the inner power to appreciate yourself, even in the face of abandonment or rejection, gives you anchor or center that grows freely and will not desert you ... to be loving is to give and receive, not just give where depletion must be the result.


Therapy available in Spanish for Spanish speaking clients.