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Hi. My name is Kat Von Rhau. It took many dark ditches and a few high mountains to find fulfillment in my journey. I'm no heroine, or celebrity, I'm just an ordinary person.

The vital key has been to relate to myself as a likeable person following my own thread, not giving myself over to others at the expense of myself as so many women are taught to do.

I thought that to love you give everything to the other; men, children, clients, friends, employers, colleagues, etc etc etc. When you find your own thread and follow it, you unravel to your own center. In my case, I had to decide, in the middle of another abandonment, that only I could meet my own needs and interests, be a supporting loving mother to myself. Although I still have meaningful relationships, I find I like my own company an awful lot. There is a sweetness in me that was rarely valued and certainly not respected. Now I can value and enjoy that sweetness in myself.

Dancing is one of the great discoveries.

Freedom and joy
Me + You
Me + You


I hope you will come see me if looking for your own wonderland is on your agenda. Maybe a cat lover, a woman lover, a child lover, a tree lover, a man lover, a fairy princess or a queen, and/or an art lover or a warm family life, or meditating on a tree branch, all in white ash like a sadu.

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