I know how painful it is when your vulnerable buttons are pushed and you feel a reaction of hurt, abandonent, or rage. I hope to be a therapist/person who can be present while you explore your injured self, that is searching to steady yourself, find your inner center, heal your self-esteem, and discover a spiritual meaning however remote or unreliable that seems. The feeling of being alive, feeling good, relates to the awareness of growing to be oneself.

Yes, denial is a river in Egypt; so it is sometimes hard to face the truth on your own. And then there is that ambivalence back and forth, back and forth. I do and I don't. I want this, I want that; I want it all. If any of this makes sense to you and you want a therapist, call me at 602-508-9018 (I prefer not to email).

I am a licensed clinical social worker for 40 years and was on the faculty of the Gestalt institute of Phoenix for 32 years, where I trained therapists in the mode of experiential therapy (that is where you experience yourself, feelings, thoughts and sensations, rather than intellectualize about yourself from a control tower).

I have also become impacted by Jungian thought, Buddist thought, Christian thought, and last but not least, emotional awareness and awareness per se. To feel fully balanced inside is somewhat of a rarity, but so important as a reference point that you have for good.

I have also been trained extensively in couples' therapy so you may want to come in with your significant other. I often see lesbian couples, too.

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