Have you struggled to keep your identity in the middle of being a wife or girlfriend or mother?

Do you sometimes feel you are there for everybody else’s needs and wonder if your needs are ever going to matter?

Do you feel like you give and give and not get back?

Do you worry about your husband or boyfriend cheating on you with another woman or other seemingly obsessional interests? Like you are being ignored.

Do you feel like your guy is mainly interested in himself and you mother him in addition to your kids?

Is your man’s head twisting to see other women or trying to make you jealous for more attention for himself?

Do you worry about living alone if this partner might not work out?

Can you see your power struggles and talk to each other about it to diffuse the emotional pounding?

Can you identify the 3 most salient trigger points of your emotionally vulnerable self?

Are you sick of being drawn back to someone who hurts you?

Would you like to understand how to enable a healthy, loving relationship in your life? Especially towards yourself?

Well, those are a lot of questions.

I hope to help you value yourself in your essence; apart from other relationships.

The relationship with yourself could become the most important one.

At last, you can feel your own spark, then do not have to seek validation from others who can or cannot love you.

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